This is a petition to demand that the investigation into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput be transferred to an independent and impartial organisation for a Supreme Court monitored time bound inquiry. We believe nothing short of this will bring the whole truth out.

Join the Republic Media Network Campaign for #CBIForSSR to ensure that the cloud over the circumstances of actor Sushant’s death are removed, that the truth prevails, and that those who have compromised the investigation so far face penalties under the law.


We have seen time after time how there have been botched up investigations and closure reports in mysterious cases despite demands made by the families of victims. It is time to collectively rise and roar #CBIForSSR so that no more botch-ups, no more pre-judged narratives and no more inconsistencies take place in the interest of the entire truth and complete justice. The need of the hour is for a full, fair and transparent probe guaranteeing justice for SSR (Sushant Singh Rajput). Here are some reasons why, we believe, it is time to unite and petition for a court monitored CBI probe:

REASON 1: THERE IS NO F.I.R. BY THE MUMBAI POLICE: The Mumbai Police has till the launch of this petition (17th August 2020) not filed a single FIR in the case. This happened despite the fact that even before Sushant’s death, the family had approached the Mumbai Police informally raising concerns about a threat to his life.

REASON 2: THE MUMBAI POLICE ACTIVELY PEDDLED A SUICIDE THEORY BEFORE THE INVESTIGATION WAS COMPLETE: Within 24 hours, top Mumbai Police officials officially stated, “It is an apparent suicide.” In fact, even the Mumbai Police Commissioner said Sushant Singh Googled for terms like “painless death”, “schizophrenia” and “bipolar disorder” almost pushing the suicide narrative. We believe that it is improper for the Mumbai Police to cast aspersions on the conclusion of their probe, even before the probe concludes.

REASON 3: THE TESTIMONIES CALL FOR A DEEPER PROBE: ​Republic Media Network stung Sushant’s cook Neeraj who was in the house on 14th June. He made stunning revelations about how Sushant’s body was “tilted” and “wasn’t above the bed”. This raises questions and could debunk the suicide theory, thus forming legitimate basis for an independent probe for possible murder.

REASON 4: THE KEY SUSPECTS ARE NOT IN CUSTODY: ​Those who have been identified as the key accused from Rhea Chakraborty to Samuel Miranda to Showik Chakraborty by both the ED and the CBI have neither been detained (as of 17 August 2020), put in custody (as of 17 August 2020) nor arrested by the Mumbai Police. Further, Sandip Ssingh who claims to be Sushant’s “closest friend” , as per statements in the public domain, was among the first on the scene of death on 14th June, and has been named as the man who spoke to Sushant about Disha Salian as per multiple primary testimonies has told Republic TV that he has not been questioned by the Mumbai Police.

REASON 5: MULTIPLE KEY WITNESSES & POSSIBLE SUSPECTS WERE ALLOWED TO LEAVE MUMBAI: ​ Under the investigation by the Mumbai police, key witnesses and possible suspects seem to have been given a long rope. Sushant’s flatmate Sidharth Pithani was allowed to go to Hyderabad, staffer Dipesh Sawant who was in Sushant’s house on June 14th has left the city, and housekeeper Samuel Miranda was allegedly told to remain silent by the cops as per his neighbours.

REASON 6: THE EVIDENCE GATHERING IS IN QUESTION: ​Getting the CCTV footage of the residence of Sushant Singh Rajput allegedly took 23 days for the Mumbai Police, not only raising questions on their efficiency in this case but also on possible tampering with key evidence.

REASON 7: THE FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE THE POSSIBLE DISHA SALIAN DEATH CONNECTION: ​The Mumbai Police 58 days after the death of Sushant’s manager Disha Salian put out a statement calling for information from the public and asked those with evidence to come forward, instead of having carried out an investigation that reached its logical conclusion immediately.

REASON 8: THE LEAKED VIDEOS PUT A QUESTION MARK ON THE MUMBAI POLICE INVESTIGATION: ​Leaked videos from Sushant’s room post his demise exist where a man, seemingly a cop, says “yeh kahin leak ho gaya toh hamara investigation barbaad ho jayega” ​(“if this were to leak, our investigation will get ruined”) ​ putting a huge question mark on the nature of the investigation by the Mumbai Police.

REASON 9: THE CONCLUSIVE PROOF THAT THE HANGING WAS SUICIDAL OR HOMICIDAL IS NOT OUT​: Despite over 2 months passing since Sushant’s death (as of 17 August 2020), the Mumbai Police has not been able to clearly state whether cause of death is suicidal or homicidal. All the post-mortem has identified is that the cause of the death is ‘asphyxia due to hanging’.

REASON 10: THE RECORD OF ‘BRUISES, MARKS, INJURY’ MERITS REINVESTIGATION: ​ Allegations have been raised by parties, even during proceedings in the Supreme Court about how the Mumbai Police was required to make a report on the ‘bruises, marks, injuries’ and failed to do so. The mention of “bruises, marks and injury” itself raises serious questions on whether there was foul play involved.

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